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AIS, Inc. has the most innovative electrochemical products to fulfill all of your electro-analytical needs. Whether you are doing analytical method development or teaching an instrumental analysis course, AIS has the right product for the right price. AIS specializes in the portable instrument area, providing electrochemical instruments for environmental research. Our instruments have been used in the most extreme environments on earth. AIS, Inc. is unparalleled in applications support for analytical electrochemistry. 

New Low Cost Instruments for Voltammetric Analysis

Great for Education and Envirnomental Research.  This new Blue-Tooth controlled system allows for ease of use and the ability to perform complex voltammetric tasks with ease.


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First Web Designed Pstat, DLK-70 WebPstat(patented)

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The DLK-70 WebPstat is the first instrument of its kind that allows for easy access from any type of computer with any type of web browser.  This instrument can be connected directly to any computer, PC or Mac, via a standard ethernet cable.  You can use the wireless option to connect to the instrument or connect the instrument to a network and perform and monitor the analysis of any sample over the web.

nuzzio dlk70dm1withwiresangleview

DLK-70 WebPstat can be seen above with its 8 channel multiplexer option.  This option allows the user to switch between working electrodes.  It also allows the user to set holding potentials on the electrodes not being scanned to cathodically protect them from contamination.  The DLK-70 WebPstat allows the user all the standard voltammetric techniques as well as some that are customized.  The ability to collect pH and temperature along with your voltammograms is an option.  The instrument can perform sequences of individual experiments allowing for very complicated experiments to be performed.  The instrument has a new proprietary interface bus, the APIB which connects to all of our new accessories.

nuzzio dlk70withipad3

The new DLK-70 WebPstat can be used with any wireless device including Androids, iPhones, iPads, etc….

All standard voltammetric techniques supported include: dc, sampled dc, normal pulse, differential pulse, square wave voltammetry, including all stripping techniques and new galvanostatic experiments.  The instrument also includes new techniques used in microbial fuel cell research.

AIS introduces a new Universal Cell Stand for voltammetry that can be used with any cell imaginable


This new cell stand allows the user to use any cell that you can think of, from small micro cells up to large beaker/bottle cells.  We now offer several options when purchasing this system which allows you to save samples with our new sample jars. “Save those standards”!

The cell stand can be purchased with an optional controller that allows for accurate stirring and degassing of samples using the DLK-70 WebPstat control or any voltammetric analyzer with TTL outputs.


We have a entire line of accessories for all your lab and field needs.  We specialize on solving those critical problems that face your every day analytical needs.  

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A large variety of cells and electrodes are available from AIS.  These electrodes can be customized for specific needs

We have developed a new line of low cost corrosion cells.  These cells allow for easy sample changing utilizing our new screw top configuration 

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Complete polishing kits and instructions allow you to polish any electrode surface

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Snaptrode™ Patent Pending

AIS, Inc. is proud to introduce the first renewable wire voltammetric electrode!  Unlike screen printed electrodes, the Snaptrode™ is a real wire electrode, allowing for classic voltammetric analysis.  Just snap the electrode at the desired mark, and you have a new, clean working electrode surface, available in a variety of metal materials and sizes.

nuzzio electrodewithwires

Standard and Custom screen printed electrodes

These electrodes come in a variety of sizes and electrode materials.

Lab Micro-Manipulator

nuzzio largestandwithwires

Above is our lab version micro-manipulator.  This instrument allows precise placement of any working electrode or series of electrodes into any sample, from sediments to cell membranes.  This unit is available in a variety of lengths depending on your application.  Ask about our full ocean depth version.

Ask about all of our other instruments and options for electrochemistry 

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