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Fiber Optic Light Sources

The most compact, affordable, portable, fiber optic light sources, DTLS2000, Deuterium Tungsten Light Source

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Analytical Instrument Systems, Inc. has developed High Power, High Performance and High Precision power supplies for use with fiber optic spectrometer systems.  These instruments have a built in highly stabilized microprocessor system designed for optimum stability and reflect the company’s understanding of what is needed in fiber optic research.  External computer control can be accomplished using digital levels or via RS232.

A new remote head system, Model DT2000-Rem


Our new remote head system comes in a variety of layouts for your every fiber optic need.  We also have a manually controlled monochromator of the UV side of the remote head system.  This system allows you to connect or use the remote head with all optics separated from the light source power supply thus giving you the greatest flexibility in your fiber optic designs.

A new accessories head allows for the greatest flexibility in fiber optic light sources

Our new accessory system can be used in a variety of applications for your every fiber optic need.  This accessory allows you to manually control an aperture to adjust overall output of power, a cuvette holder for samples or filters, and a port allowing for fluorescence measurements. 

All systems have these basic specifications:

with several Patented Designs

Wavelength Range:                  190 - 410 nm (DLS-2000) 

                                                 190 - 1200 nm (DTLS-2000)

Window Material:                     UV glass 0.4 mm thick

Lamp Lifetime (min):               1000 hours UV,  2500 hours tungsten halogen

Aperture Size:                          0.5 mm at lamp  or 2.0 mm for combination units              

External Aperture:                   Remote Heads have closed to full open adjustment

Filter Holders (optional):         One filter holder on standard light source

                                                 Std filters 50mm X 50mm glass on remote head units 

Power:                                      30 W deuterium lamp

Lamp Voltage:                          85 V dc, nominal

Lamp Current:                          300 mA dc (+/- 1mA)

Warm-up Time:                         30 seconds

Timing:                                      Microprocessor based

Input Controls:                         Trigger inputs for: Deuterium on/off, Tungsten on/ off

                                                 Shutter open / close, also RS232 control

Outputs:                                    Status Levels for:  Main power, Deuterium Heater 

                                                 filament on / off, Deuterium lamp, on / off,  

                                                 Tungsten Lamp, on / off, Shutter open / close 

                                                 RS232 control

Power Requirements:                12 Vdc at 4 A

Single Du Sources:

  • Model  DLS-2000                  Fiber Optic UV Source Range 190 - 410 nm
  • Model  DLS-2000-S               Fiber Optic UV Source with electronic shutter
  • Model  DLS-2000REM           D-1000 power supply with remote optics head 
  • Model  DLS-2000-CA            Same as above but with cuvette holder with aperture          

Dual Du/Tungsten Sources:

  • Model  DTLS-2000                Dual Fiber Optic UV/Vis Range 190-1200 nm
  • Model  DTLS-2000-S             Dual Fiber Optic Source with electronic shutter
  • Model  DTLS-2000-REM        Dual Fiber Optic Source with aperture wheel
  • Model  DTLS-2000-CA           Same as above but with cuvette holder with aperture



  • Model  DCUV-1                     UV cuvette holder
  • Model  DCol-1                      Collimator for fiber optic bundles
  • Model  DFLO-1                     Flow cell for HPLC or FIA, dead volume < 10 ul
  • Model  D-2000-B                 Replacement deuterium bulb for DLS-2000 system
  • Model  DT-2000-B               Replacement deuterium bulb for DT-2000 system
  • Model  DT-2000-BT             Replacement tungsten bulb assembly for DT-2000 

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